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Are you or your loved ones facing the possibility of deportation from the UK due to a criminal conviction or action? At Amicis Legal Services Ltd, we understand the challenges and fears that deportation can bring. It is crucial to seek the right legal assistance and support in such situations. Our experienced immigration solicitors are adept at successfully challenging deportation orders

Understanding Deportation

According to the Immigration Act 1971 sections 3(5) and (6), the Secretary of State has the authority to issue a deportation order against foreign nationals convicted of criminal actions.

Deportation entails leaving the country and, in some cases, facing detention until removal.

If you are a foreign national convicted of a crime in the UK, deportation is a possibility.

Deportation from the UK may also result in a ban from reentering the country for up to ten years.

Grounds for Deportation

Deportation can occur when a non-British citizen is convicted of a criminal offense. It can be recommended by a criminal court (under section 3(6) of the Immigration Act 1971) or decided by the Secretary of State as being in the public interest (under section 3(5) of the same act). Immediate deportation can be enforced under the UK Borders Act 2007 if a foreign national is sentenced to 12 months or more imprisonment.

Challenging Deportation

If deportation exemptions do not apply, there are several grounds on which you can challenge deportation, including seeking judicial review or appealing the decision. Successfully challenging deportation means you will not be deported, especially if returning to your home country poses a risk to your life or violates your human rights under Article 3 of the European Convention.

Grounds for Challenging Deportation:

  • Long-term residency and separation from family in the UK.
  • Breach of UK’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Status of Refugees 1951.
  • Facing extradition or psychiatric institutionalization under the Amended Mental Health Act 1983.
  • Under 18 at the time of conviction, demanding serious grounds for deportation.
  • Strong ties to the UK or being an EEA national with breached rights.

Exemption against UK Deportation

Exemptions from deportation apply to British citizens, individuals with the right of abode, Commonwealth citizens residing in the UK since 01/01/1973, and those continuously living in the UK for 5 years or more before the offense or criminal action.

Seeking Legal Assistance

When facing a deportation order in the UK, you have the right to seek assistance from Amicis Legal Services Ltd’s reliable and expert solicitors. We specialize in immigration, deportation, and bail applications, ensuring you receive the best possible support and guidance throughout the legal process.

Facing Deportation in the UK

The process of deporting someone from the UK commences after their arrest and placement in police custody. Deportation can be enforced by air, sea, or rail, and detainees may be held at Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre before deportation. Deportation is considered a crucial process for removing foreign nationals not allowed to stay in the UK.

Understanding Deportation in Law

Deportation refers to the removal and expulsion of an alien from a country, as per Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition. Deportation in the UK involves returning individuals to their home countries or countries where they have legal rights to reside.

Deportable Crimes in the UK

Changes made in April 2013 resulted in automatic deportation of foreign nationals convicted of criminal offenses with sentences of less than 12 months. Certain crimes also make individuals eligible for mandatory deportation, such as drug offenses, human trafficking, and offenses against public justice.

Legal Advice for Deportation Cases

Whether you can appeal against deportation or consider judicial review, seeking legal advice from our expert solicitors can make a significant difference. We assess your case’s likelihood of success, taking into account factors like strong UK connections, family ties, and safety concerns in your home country.

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