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Navigating Administrative Review: Expert Guidance from Amicis Legal Services Ltd.

At Amicis Legal Services Ltd., we understand that dealing with immigration decisions can be challenging. If you believe the Home Office has made a mistake in your case, an Administrative Review may be the right path for you. Our team of specialist immigration solicitors is here to guide you through this process with confidence.

Understanding Administrative Review

An Administrative Review is a formal request for the Home Office to reconsider an immigration decision where an error is suspected. To be eligible for an Administrative Review, you must have received a decision from the Home Office that qualifies for review. This may include cases where you were refused Indefinite Leave to Remain due to a miscalculation or granted limited leave with incorrect conditions or duration.

Eligibility for Administrative Review

Not all decisions are eligible for Administrative Review. Your decision letter from the Home Office will indicate if you have the right to request a review. Some of the situations where an Administrative Review can be requested include:

  • Refusal of your leave application.
  • Granting of limited leave instead of indefinite leave.
  • Cancellation of your leave.
  • Specific criteria for applying from outside or inside the UK.

How to Apply for an Immigration Administrative Review

  • If you are applying from outside the UK, follow these steps:

  • Complete and submit the online administrative review application form within 28 days of receiving your decision. Provide details of the mistakes and supporting evidence.
  • Pay the administrative review fee.
  • For those applying from inside the UK, follow these steps:

  • Complete and submit the inside UK online administrative review application form within 14 days of receiving your decision. Include details of the mistakes and supporting evidence.
  • Pay the administrative review fee.

If you wish to challenge conditions or duration attached to your approved leave, email the Home Office “admin review” team within 14 days of receiving your biometric residence permit at

Possible Outcomes of an Administrative Review

  • The outcome of an Administrative Review may vary and includes:

  • Withdrawal of the decision.
  • Decision remaining unchanged.
  • Decision remaining but some reasons for refusal are removed.
  • Decision remaining but new reasons for refusal are added.

To achieve a successful outcome, it’s crucial to provide accurate information and explanations. Our specialist immigration solicitors can assist you in preparing your application and ensuring all mistakes are clearly outlined.

Cost and Duration of Administrative Review

The current administrative review fee is £80, payable when submitting the application form. The process may take up to 6 months or longer in some cases. The Home Office typically provides an update if the decision is not received within 3 months.

Next Steps

While awaiting the review decision, refrain from making a new visa application, as it may withdraw the pending administrative review. If the decision is overturned, your leave will be granted or adjusted, and the fee refunded. If the decision is maintained, we can challenge it on your behalf or recommend an alternative course of action.

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