Asylum Fresh Claims

Asylum Fresh Claims: A New Opportunity for Protection

At Amicis Legal Services Ltd., we understand the challenges faced by individuals whose asylum or humanitarian protection claims have been refused or withdrawn, or whose appeals have been turned down. Our team of experienced immigration and asylum solicitors is here to help you make further submissions to the Home Office, providing you with a chance to present a fresh claim for asylum.

Exploring Fresh Claim Possibilities

A fresh claim for asylum is a crucial opportunity to seek protection in the UK. To be considered as a fresh claim, your submission must include new material that has not been previously considered or provide a compelling combination of existing evidence with a realistic prospect of success.

Our dedicated asylum solicitors at Amicis Legal Services Ltd. have extensive experience in preparing fresh claims. We understand the importance of gathering comprehensive evidence, which may include medical reports or other expert testimonials, to support your case effectively. With meticulous attention to detail, we will present your fresh claim to the Home Office, providing detailed representations that work in your favor.

Guidance and Support at Every Step

When making further submissions, you will typically be required to submit your evidence in person at the Further Submissions Unit (FSU) unless you have obtained permission to send it by post or fax.

Our experienced asylum lawyers at Amicis Legal Services Ltd. will make all the necessary arrangements, including booking an appointment with the Further Submissions Unit on your behalf. We want to ensure that your fresh claim is submitted with precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive Case Preparation

Our immigration solicitors will take detailed instructions from you, understanding your unique circumstances, and providing informed advice based on the most up-to-date case laws and procedures. We believe that strong preparation is the key to success in fresh asylum claims.

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