Adult Dependent relative applications

Reuniting Families: The Adult Dependent Visa for the UK

Are you a parent, grandparent, sibling, or adult child of a British Citizen or someone with settled status in the UK? If you need long-term personal care that your UK relative can provide, you might be eligible to apply for the Adult Dependent Visa for the UK. This visa allows you to join your family in the UK for an unlimited period, as long as your relative is a British Citizen, has settled status, or holds refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK. Let Amicis Legal Services Ltd. assist you through the process of obtaining this visa, ensuring your family stays together.

The Adult Dependent Visa Explained

In exceptional circumstances, the Adult Dependent Visa provides an avenue for family members to reside in the UK with their British Citizen or settled status relative. The eligibility for this visa is based on the need for long-term personal care, which your UK-based relative can offer. If your relative has refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK, you can also apply for this visa and settle in the UK when your relative does.

Avoiding Refusals: Common Reasons for Rejection

While the Adult Dependent Visa can be a life-changing opportunity, it is essential to be aware of common reasons for refusal to avoid unnecessary delays and expenses. Some reasons include:

  • Insufficient Evidence of Relationship: Failure to provide satisfactory evidence of the relationship between you and your UK-based sponsor can lead to refusal.
  • Lack of Proof for Long-term Care: If you cannot adequately demonstrate that you require long-term personal care due to age, illness, or disability, your application may be refused.
  • Comparable Care Abroad: The Home Office may question whether a similar standard of care is available in your home country.
  • Financial, Accommodation, and Care Maintenance: A crucial aspect of the application is proving sufficient financial resources, accommodation, and care maintenance for at least five years, which if not provided, can lead to refusal.

The Importance of Expert Guidance

  • Having your Adult Dependent Visa refused can be disheartening and result in additional expenses due to the need to reapply. With a relatively high refusal rate for this visa category, seeking professional advice becomes paramount. Our team of experienced immigration lawyers at Amicis Legal Services Ltd. is ready to assist you in navigating the complexities of the Adult Dependent Visa application.

Our Dedicated Approach

At Amicis Legal Services Ltd., we understand the significance of being close to your family and receiving the care you need. Our dedicated immigration lawyers will assess your eligibility for the Adult Dependent Visa and ensure that all your documents meet the necessary requirements. We will also liaise with the Home Office on your behalf to streamline the process.

Additionally, your assigned lawyer will prepare a compelling Letter of Representation to accompany your application. This letter will advocate for your case, referencing relevant immigration laws and precedents that support your eligibility.

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Reuniting families through the Adult Dependent Visa is a complex process, but Amicis Legal Services Ltd. is here to help. If you believe you are eligible for this visa, get in touch with us today.

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