Representing at the First Tier Tribunal

Appeal Your Immigration Decision with Confidence: First-Tier Tribunal Immigration Appeal

At Amicis Legal Services Ltd., we understand that receiving a refusal on your UK visa or immigration application can be disheartening. However, you have the right to appeal such decisions, and our expert immigration appeal lawyers are here to support you throughout the process.

Introduction to First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)

The First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) is an independent court responsible for reviewing appeals against Home Office decisions related to entry clearance, permission to stay, and deportation. As experienced immigration solicitors, we can represent you at this tribunal, ensuring that your voice is heard.

Appeal Rights for Human Rights and Protection Claims

Not all immigration decisions are appealable, but you generally have a right to appeal to the First-Tier Tribunal in the following circumstances:

  • Refusal of your human rights claim or protection claim (asylum claim or humanitarian protection), or revocation of your protection status.
  • Refusal of a residence document or deportation under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2016 (subject to saving provisions).
  • Revocation of your British citizenship.
  • Refusal, revocation, or deportation under the EU Settlement Scheme.
  • Refusal or revocation of travel or family permits under the EU Settlement Scheme.
  • Refusal, revocation, or deportation as a frontier worker.
  • Refusal, revocation, or deportation as an S2 healthcare visitor.

However, if your asylum or human rights claim has been certified as “clearly unfounded,” you may not have a right of appeal. In such cases, you may explore the option of challenging the certification through a Judicial Review.

Appealable Human Rights and Protection Claims

Appealable human rights claims include specific applications made from within the UK under the Immigration Rules. These applications attract a right of appeal if refused, such as Long Residence applications, Appendix FM family member applications, and Private Life applications.

Similarly, out-of-country applications under the Immigration Rules can be appealable, for instance, Appendix FM family member applications and Partner or child of a member of HM Forces applications.

How We Handle Your Appeal

As your dedicated immigration appeal lawyers, we will initiate most appeals online using the MyHMCTS service. For certain situations, like refusals under the EU Settlement Scheme or if you are in detention, we will proceed with a paper form appeal.

Throughout the appeal process, we will work diligently to build a strong case for you, including drafting an ‘appeal skeleton argument’ and gathering supporting witness statements and evidence.

The appeal will then be forwarded to the Home Office for review. This review process is essential for narrowing down issues and, often, reaching an agreement or withdrawal with a potential grant.

If your case proceeds to a hearing, we will actively manage it, and our experienced immigration barrister will represent you before the Immigration Judge. We will advocate for your appeal and present compelling legal submissions.

Depending on the type of appeal, there may be an applicable fee, ranging from £80 for a paper appeal to £140 for an oral hearing. Certain circumstances may exempt you from paying a fee.


If your appeal is successful, you can request a fee award at the Judge’s discretion.

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