Asylum and Human Rights Applications

Asylum and Human Rights Applications: Your Path to Protection and Residency in the UK

At Amicis Legal Services Ltd., we understand the significance of seeking asylum or submitting a human rights application to secure your right to stay in the UK. Our team of dedicated specialist lawyers, accredited by the Law Society, is here to support you and your loved ones through the process.

Seeking Asylum in the UK

If you fear persecution in your home country and wish to seek asylum protection in the UK, or if you have developed strong ties to the UK during your stay, we can help you explore the best available options to obtain the right to stay in the country. Asylum can be sought on the basis of various reasons, such as race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.

Human Rights Applications: Your Right to Stay

If you wish to remain in the UK due to exceptional and compelling circumstances under the Human Rights Act 1998, you may be eligible to apply for a Human Rights-based residency. These applications are considered outside the Immigration rules and may entitle you to Limited or Discretionary leave to remain.

Our Immigration Solicitors will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your personal circumstances, identifying the basis of the Human Rights Act that aligns with your situation, particularly focusing on Article 8 Family and Private Life.

The Path to Success

At Amicis Legal Services Ltd., our approach is meticulous and thorough:

  • Strong Case Preparation: Our experienced solicitors will carefully review your documents and ensure you have the necessary evidence to support your case.
  • Application Drafting: We will expertly draft and prepare your Human Rights Application, ensuring all necessary elements are included.
  • Effective Communication: Our network of contacts in the Home Office ensures that your application is considered and decided in a timely fashion.

Specialist Team: Diversity and Expertise

Our diverse team of specialist asylum and human rights solicitors caters to a wide range of languages and dialects. We have particular expertise in handling Middle East, Asia, and African asylum and human rights cases. With access to specific country information and evidence, we ensure your application is prepared to the highest standard.

We work alongside renowned Immigration barristers and experts, including Mark Symes, David Jones, Amarjit Kaur of Garden Court Chambers, Andreas Pretzell of Lamb Building Chambers, Danny Bazini of No 5 Chambers, and Guy Davidson of Grey’s Inn Square, providing you with a formidable legal team.

Comprehensive Legal Assistance

Amicis Legal Services Ltd. offers a wide range of services to meet your needs:

  • Applications for Asylum protection in the UK based on fear of return.
  • Applications for residency based on strong ties to the UK and Human Rights violations.
  • Applications based on Article 8 for the respect of your Family and Private Life in the UK.
  • Applications based on Refugee Family Reunion Policy.
  • Fresh Claim Applications based on Asylum or Human Rights Grounds.
  • Applications challenging your exclusion from the Refugee Convention.
  • Applications for Children and Young People subject to Immigration Control.
  • Applications for Victims of Domestic Violence, Rape, Trafficking, Sexual Orientation, and FGM.
  • Applications based on Article 3 for violations of Fear of Torture, Inhumane, or Degrading Treatment.
  • Representation in Immigration and Asylum Appeals before the Tribunal and Higher courts.
  • Judicial Review Applications challenging Home Office decisions and instigating an Administrative Review for Asylum and Human Rights matters in the High Court and Immigration and Asylum Upper Tribunal.
  • Applications for Immigration Detention Bail and Temporary Admission.

Award-Winning Immigration Lawyers

Amicis Legal Services Ltd. takes pride in our team of leading experts in Asylum and Human Rights law. Our specialists have been awarded the specialist Immigration quality mark by the Law Society, a testament to their renowned success and in-depth knowledge of this area of Immigration law.

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